Custom Outdoor Pools

If you are looking for qualified outdoor pool builders to create the perfect custom outdoor pool, Watchman Pools has you covered. An outdoor pool is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day, swim some laps, or just relax in the water. Contact our experts today to bring your pool vision to life.

Why Build an Outdoor Pool?


An outdoor pool provides the perfect space for you and your family to enjoy together. Whether cooling down on a hot summer day or swimming laps to keep fit, a pool is a great investment for your home. Working with you, we will help you construct the outdoor living area of your dreams.

Generally, we build two types of custom outdoor pools:

  • Standard Swimming Pools
  • Architectural Swimming Pools

In both cases, the pool designs are fully engineered and meet Territorial Construction Requirements. Most of the pools we build are designed specifically for a given dwelling.

Step by step, we will guide you through the pool building process, working with you, your architect, engineer, or landscape designer, or if you prefer, through one of our professional associates. Whether your pool is for exercise purposes or fun for the family, we will bring your ideas to life. Talk to our outdoor pool builders today!

Explore Some of Our Custom Pool Masterpieces

Outdoor Pool illuminated by lights

“We have worked with Glenn on two occasions: in 2005 for a complete pool renovation and again in 2011 for a new build for our second project. On both occasions, the process went extremely smoothly, fully met our expectations, and was stress free. Glenn came in on budget and on time, and was a pleasure to work with. He also took the time to show us many others of his projects during our design stage, to help us decide on what finishes to use etc. Glenn’s advice was invaluable and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”


Custom Build Outdoor Swimming Pool in Auckland

“Glenn Jillings and Watchman Developments came recommended. Glenn’s pool design and use of the area was spot on. Glenn and the team were great to deal with. The build was quoted and invoiced as per quote. No unexpected surprises. The whole process went very smoothly. We have a fabulous pool and entertainment area. Having not built a swimming pool before I was nervous and had to put my trust in Glenn. I asked Glenn to ‘build me a pool to die for’. That is exactly what I got. Truly magnificent.”

Ann & Peter

Concrete Outdoor Swimming Pool

“We were delighted with the pool project that Glenn Jillings and the team at Watchman Pools completed for us. Glenn provided helpful planning advice, prompt quoting and a focussed build project within their time estimates. Glenn and the team were very responsive throughout the project and managed the interfaces with the council and sub-contractors and builders very smoothly. They achieved an outstanding result and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Ian Kuperus

A Customised Swimming Pool for Any Scenario

Create Unique Designs

Don’t settle for the ordinary. Our team will work with you to design a pool you’ll love. From the shape to the depth, we’ll design a custom outdoor pool that ticks all your boxes.

Include Bespoke Features

Add a touch of luxury with bespoke water features. Speak to our team about your desired features, and we’ll discuss your options.

The Perfect Pool for Your Property

Properties come in different shapes and sizes, with countless variables; there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for pools. A custom-designed pool ensures it will fit with your property.

Do you have an idea in mind for your outdoor pool? Give us some brief information, and we’ll help turn it into a reality.

Water Choices


Saltwater pools are known for having a softer water feel than traditional chlorinated pools, which can be more comfortable for swimmers and gentler on the skin and eyes.

While saltwater pools require an upfront investment in the chlorination system, they often have lower ongoing maintenance costs and reduce the need for purchasing and adding chlorine products.


Chlorine pools use chlorine-based chemicals, typically a liquid, tablets, or granules, to sanitise the water and kill bacteria and algae.

Chlorine is a highly effective pool sanitiser widely used to keep pool water clean and safe. Pool owners have direct control over the chlorine levels and can adjust them to maintain water quality.

Please note that chlorinated water can cause some skin irritation.


Mineral water uses a combination of minerals, such as copper and silver, and a reduced amount of chlorine to sanitise the water. This water type reduces the reliance on chlorine, leading to water that’s softer on the skin and eyes.

Mineral pools are known for their soft water feel, and many consider them a middle ground between traditional chlorine and saltwater pools regarding water comfort.

Finish Type

Ceramic Mosaic

Create a striking yet classic-looking pool with a ceramic mosaic finish. These tiny ceramic tiles offer many colour and design choices, plus they are easy to clean and maintain.

Glass Mosaic

A glass mosaic finish, though typically more expensive than ceramic, offers a stunning appearance. The glass and its transparency look beautiful as the water dances above it.

Natural Stone

A natural stone finish brings natural beauty to your pool area. In addition to looking great, natural stone provides a slip-resistant surface and an incredibly durable finish for your pool.

Why Choose Watchman Pools?

Years of Family Enjoyment

Here at Watchman Pools, we understand that a swimming pool is a big financial investment, so we ensure our work will justify this investment. Our beautifully designed custom outdoor pools will provide many years of family enjoyment and the admiration of your family and friends

A Pool Designed Specifically for Your Backyard

Whether you want an architectural wonder or a specially sized swimming pool, we can help you create the ideal custom outdoor pool to meet your needs. With over 30 years in the industry, our team know the ins and outs of concrete pool building. With our specialist contacts, we can also construct the perfect surrounding area for your pool, including fences, landscaping, and decks.

Our Pools Stand the Test of Time

We choose to work with concrete, as its durability and strength mean your pool will last for decades and won’t need constant repairs. Concrete also allows maximum customisation; we can craft your pool exactly to your specifications.

Get Started Building Your Outdoor Pool Today

Get in touch with the team at Watchman Pools to bring your custom pool idea to life.

we can help make your dream pool a reality

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise the design and features of my pool?

Yes! At Watchman Pools, we are experts at designing and installing custom pools. We can discuss your desired design and features and help you bring your vision to life. Concrete pools offer high design flexibility, allowing countless shapes, finishes, water features, and lighting options.

What are the benefits of choosing a concrete pool?

Concrete is an incredibly durable material. By using concrete in our pools, we ensure a long-lasting addition to your home. Concrete pools can last up to 50 years, bringing you decades of summer fun and family memories.

What shape and size options are available for outdoor pools?

Our concrete pools are completely customisable. The world is your oyster! Create a pool with your desired shape and dimensions. We can create several pool designs, from traditional rectangles to freeform designs. Talk to us about what you want from your custom pool design.

What features can I add to my pool?

If there are specific features you want included in your pool’s design, we can make it happen! We can create pools with water features, such as waterfalls, fountains, and spa elements, or add lighting to create a beautiful glow through the water – talk to us, and we can help you add your desired features!

How do I get started building a custom outdoor pool?

Whether you’re flirting with the idea or have a clear vision in mind, the first step to creating your custom pool is reaching out to the team at Watchman Pools. Discuss your vision with us, and we will help you bring it to life. Contact us today to get the process started.