Building Consent

Every swimming pool requires a Territorial Building Consent.
This consent may be applied for by:

  • Your Architect
  • Yourself
  • Your Pool Builder

Requirements for a Building Consent

  • Lot and D.P details
  • Recent copy of Certificate of Title
  • Site plan showing – location of pool, location of pool fencing distance from boundaries and location of gully trap for backwash.
  • Details of pool fence
  • Engineer’s structural design and producer statement for the pool.
  • Should the dwelling form part of the pool fence, elevations of the dwelling.

Things you should think about include:
Purpose – Determine the intended use of your pool. Is it primarily for?

  • Exercise
  • Fun for the family
  • Both exercise and fun

If it’s for exercise generally the pool will require length for laps. This does Not preclude the ability to have shape and size to enhance aesthetics and use for other activities. Should length be a problem there are other ways with a shorter pool that can still offer an ‘exercise’ option, such as swim jets.


An advantage of having a purpose-built concrete pool is that it can be any shape and size you desire.

Water Depths

Generally a pool will have a shallow end (1.1m water) and a deep end (1.8m water) with a transition area between the two.

In reality you can have what you want.


Regulation in NZ require you to have a suitable pool fence.
Basically these regulations refer to “immediate pool area” and defined as “the land in or which the pool is situated and so much of the surrounding area as is used for activities or purposes carried on in conjunction with the use of the pool.”

Suitable Fencing types

  • Glass
  • Purpose built anodized products
  • Timber

Most installations will require a clean surface suitable to a minimum, walk around the pool perimeter.


  • Decking
  • Paving of some nature
  • Concrete

Yes providing we get the go ahead ASAP