Investing in a new concrete swimming pool promises endless hours of enjoyment and cherished memories for your family and friends. But pools aren’t all rest and relaxation; they take a lot of work to keep in pristine condition. As your trusted provider of concrete pools in Auckland, we have compiled a comprehensive pool maintenance guide to make your upkeep hassle-free. Discover our favourite concrete pool maintenance tips.

Remove Debris & Regularly Brush

A sparkling pool begins with cleanliness. Regularly skimming leaves and debris off the pool’s surface makes it far more inviting and reduces the strain on your pool filter. Daily brushing is crucial in the first 4 weeks. Brush down the sides, steps, and bottom of your pool to remove any loose material. Doing so not only aids the filtration system but also prevents staining of the new surface as chemicals start to balance in your water. We recommend brushing at least every 2nd day to prevent calcium build-up.

Vacuum Your Pool

One of the more cumbersome but entirely necessary pool maintenance tasks is to vacuum your pool. And we don’t mean with your Dyson! You can purchase specialised pool vacuums to help keep the floor and walls of your pool pristine.

If you own a robot pool cleaner, you’re in luck; it can easily take care of the cleaning process. In fact, we believe that a robotic cleaner is well worth the hefty investment, as they are an excellent and efficient way to assist with the ongoing maintenance of your swimming pool. We suggest choosing a robotic cleaner that can climb walls, steps, and ledges, as well as clean the waterline of your pool.

Empty & Clean Your Skimmer Box

If you have grass or plenty of foliage surrounding your pool area, it’s important to empty and clean your skimmer box every few days. Your skimmer is not a set-and-forget system. It must be maintained for it to work efficiently.

It’s common for twigs, palm tree fruit, leaves, grass, and bugs to end up in your pool. You can remove these unwanted elements from the water’s surface through the skimmer box, which acts as your pool’s first line of filtration. Keeping the skimmer box clean is crucial as it allows your main filtration system to function efficiently.

Balance Your Pool Water

Achieving the perfect chemical balance in your pool water is essential. However, there is a science to pool chemical balancing. If even one product is not balanced properly in your pool, it can disrupt the entire water ecosystem. This imbalance can lead to harmful bacteria accumulation, cloudy water, or even turn your pool water green. Surprisingly, even rain can impact the balance of your pool chemistry.

Maintaining good water quality is crucial for the upkeep of your pool. We recommend having your water professionally tested every two weeks in the beginning to ensure that the chemicals, including the pH and chlorine levels, are well-balanced. Establishing a relationship with your local pool shop and its knowledgeable team is a good idea. The experts can provide guidance and ongoing support for your pool’s chemical balance needs. They are always willing to help and provide valuable advice.

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Inspect Your Filtration System

With your pool’s filtration system facing the brunt of the NZ sun, materials will expand and contract, so regularly checking the O-rings in your filtration system is crucial. Little water leaks can occur if things are not tightened properly. You can purchase a small tub of Teflon/ silicone lube from your nearby pool store to maintain the O-rings. Applying a small amount of this lube over the rings will prevent them from getting dry and brittle.

We recommend checking your filtration equipment for leaks every six months. If you aren’t confident in doing this yourself, your local pool shop should be able to arrange for someone to help you.

Clean Your Filters

Remember to clean your filters to ensure they work efficiently. However, different filtration systems require specific maintenance steps. Cartridge filters need regular cleaning with a hose and an overnight soak in a cleaning solution every 6 to 12 months. You should monitor sand or glass filters and perform backwashing when prompted, as outlined in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Take the Plunge with Watchman Pools

Before you can relax poolside, your concrete pool needs plenty of maintenance. But with our pool maintenance guide, you can make quick work of it!

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