New Outdoor & Indoor Pool Construction

Working in collaboration, we will construct the outdoor living area of your dreams. A swimming pool is a big investment financially, and we will ensure the work we carry out for you will justify this investment with many years of family enjoyment and the admiration of your family and friends.

Step by step, we will guide you through the pool building process, working with you, your architect, engineer or landscape designer, or if you prefer, through one of our professional associates.

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Remodelling / Refurbishment / Upgrade

Modernizing an older concrete swimming pool is a very cost-effective way to give your outdoor area a new lease on life.

An upgrade of indoor or outdoor swimming pool may involve new tiles and/or copings, new plumbing and/or filtration system or the addition of a heating system. You may want a complete makeover whereby the original swimming pool is stripped back to its concrete shell, a new surface finished selected or a completely different colour scheme, possibly including new decking or paving. All of which Watchman Pools will undertake for you.

As we excel in concrete pool construction, concrete pool renovations are second nature to us.

Valet / Equipment Servicing

The staff who build our swimming pools also provide a valet service for your pool meaning we have in depth knowledge of how your pool is constructed, how it was plumbed and exactly how your pools sanitation works.

Not only can we perform the basic valet functions for your pool, we can also service, repair or replace any part of you pool system that is not operating as it should be. We can also install any additional heating or sanitation options to automate you pool giving you more time to enjoy it rather than working on it.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and the most accurate water testing tools to ensure your pool is always perfectly balanced. Upon completion of your valet, a report is provided outlining the work performed, your pools chemical balance and a list of any items requiring future attention.